Why I Believe JavaScript is the Best First Programming Language to Learn

December 1, 2012

If you've never programmed before and want to start building that skill, I think JavaScript is the best place to start. I'm not claiming this to be the absolute truth, since it really depends on why you want to start and what you want to do with your programming skills. These are just my opinions and reasons why I believe JavaScript the best place to start for the average person who wants to start coding. ... Read more

Catching up with 2012 hackNY Fellow Sean Gransee

November 28, 2012

I wasn’t always a hacker. There are some people who have always had it in them. Programmer by age 12. Software development internships in high school. A moderately successful business under their belt halfway through college. I am not one of those people. I wasn’t a programmer in high school. Not even at the start of college. In fact, I went through my first year of college as a film major. ... Read more

No Studying After 5pm: Using Parkinson's Law to Kick Procrastination's Ass

November 8, 2012

I've recently made four lifestyle changes that have allowed me to get more done and put much more effort into everything I do, all while feeling great with very little stress. I sleep 8 hours a day I work out for an hour every weekday I hide all clocks while I'm working I don't do anything related to academics on Saturdays and past 5pm on weekdays My main focus of this post is the last two, but I'll briefly address the first two because I think they're very important. ... Read more

What is the halting problem?

October 16, 2012

This post is from an old blog I had called Software Cake, where I explained technical terms by talking about cake. Consider the following situation: There is a delicious cake. Chuck Norris* must jump up and down until the cake is not delicious anymore. Will Chuck Norris ever stop jumping? Let’s look at a few scenarios: The cake is outdoors. It gets rained on and becomes soggy, therefore it is not delicious anymore. ... Read more

hackNY Summer Series: Chris Dixon

October 8, 2012

The world isn’t run on ideas alone. Having a world-changing idea is great, but many big ideas are essentially worthless without proper execution. During one evening of the hackNY summer series, the 2012 Fellows got down to business with Chris Dixon. Chris is the co-founder of Siteadvisor (acquired by McAfee) and Hunch (acquired by eBay), as well as an angel investor. In this candid discussion about the business side of tech startups, Chris talked about the successes and failures he’s seen in the startup scene and gave us many tips for turning our dream business ideas into a reality. ... Read more

The Real Value of College

September 30, 2012

A professor recently described his attendance policy like this: Attendance isn't required. However, if you don't show up to class you're losing a lot of money. Here's your yearly tuition. Now let's divide that by the number of classes a typical student takes in a year and then by the number of lectures this course has. One hundred dollars. You're losing $100 for every hour you don't show up to class. ... Read more

The Decisions Behind WikiLoopr

September 11, 2012

A couple weeks ago, I created a website called WikiLoopr. Hours after it went live, the site exploded on Hacker News, made its way around Reddit and Twitter, and got featured in an NBC News tech blog. Those first 24 hours brought in over 40,000 hits to the site. The site went live on the same day that I came up with the idea. Plus, I’ve never paid a dime for hosting. ... Read more

My summer in hackNY

September 7, 2012

Whenever someone asks me how my summer was, I usually start rambling on and on, unable to contain my excitement. This is my first attempt to finally put my thoughts about this past summer into coherent sentences. I’ll start with an analogy. Since a lot of my friends outside tech are very familiar with theatre, I’ll use that as the basis of my analogy. Imagine being an aspiring actor. Someone gives you the opportunity to live in New York City on the same floor as 30 other aspiring actors without paying a dime. ... Read more

From film major to computer science

September 6, 2012

During my two years of college, I've spent one year as a film major and one year as a computer science major. Computer science is without a doubt the one I’ve found to be easier and less time consuming. Most people who hear this think I’m crazy. At my university, the school of communication (which includes film majors) is stereotypically the one where students get to slack off and have obnoxious amounts of free time. ... Read more

What is Git? What is revision/version control?

August 9, 2012

This post is from an old blog I had called Software Cake, where I explained technical terms by talking about cake. You and your team of oompa loompas are on a mission to create the greatest cake the world has ever tasted. You all have your own specialty. Stroompa is an expert at creating sweet, delicious strawberry toppings. Boompa ain’t messing around when it comes to cake batter. And choompa? Well, let’s just say that chocolate is kinda his thing. ... Read more