What is a linked list?

August 9, 2012

This post is from an old blog I had called Software Cake, where I explained technical terms by talking about cake. Your city has just begun its annual Cake Tour Extravaganza. As a die-hard cake lover, you couldn’t be more excited for today. The concept is simple. You can walk into any participating bakery in the city and try some cake. Afterwards, the bakery directs you to the location of another bakery. ... Read more

What are APIs and why are they important?

August 8, 2012

This post is from an old blog I had called Software Cake, where I explained technical terms by talking about cake. You like cake, right? Of course you do. But you’re not good at making cake. Your friend (let’s call him the cakemaster) teaches you how to bake the perfect cake. You learn which store to go to, which shelf each ingredient is on, and how to follow the recipe. You now know how to bake the perfect cake. ... Read more

Getting Closer to the Search Bar in Google

March 14, 2012

Nothing mind-boggling about this. Just an observation I made tonight…. Back in the day, getting an answer to a simple question in Google required the following steps: Type query Click ‘Search’ Scan results Click best result Find answer (sometimes the answer is in the results, making 4 and 5 unnecessary) Question: What date did Facebook launch? Answer: February 4, 2004 Then Google started giving answers above the search results, eliminating the need for you to leave the page or even look at the results. ... Read more

Disable CTRL+F for Certain HTML Elements or Whole Page

March 11, 2012

I plan on creating a web-based game where using CTRL+F to search for text on a page would be cheating. To stop this from happening, I created a jQuery plugin that stops certain HTML elements from being searched. View the source code to use it in your own project, and check out the demo to see it in action. How to use: Include jQuery and disableFind.js. Call the disableFind() function on the element(s) you want to make unsearchable. ... Read more

Speed Up Your WordPress Site on a Shared Host

March 9, 2012

If you’re serious about your website, you can’t afford long pageload times. Unfortunately, most of us (myself included) don’t have the cash to drop on a dedicated server and are forced to use cheap, shared hosts that cost less than $150 a year. While these hosts are adequate for serving static content, they don’t do a great job at serving dynamic content from content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal. ... Read more

How to Build an Elegant One-page Scrolling Website

March 7, 2012

For my latest website, I decided to try something a little different. I wanted to take a stab at a single page design with multiple sections. I’ve seen it done a few times before, but the style isn’t even close to being commonplace. There are a couple advantages to having a one-page website. First of all, it loads very quickly. Since you don’t have to deal with a CMS or a database you can get away with just having one HTML file, one CSS file, and one Javascript file. ... Read more

My Most Rewarding Class

February 28, 2012

There are a few different types of classes in college. First, there are the classes in my major that are directly relevant to my field of study. Second, there are classes that are fun and interesting, but completely optional. And then there’s a third kind: required classes that don’t necessarily relate to anything I’m studying, usually called gen eds. The latter category is the most frustrating. These are the classes where I usually feel like I’m not having fun or learning anything useful. ... Read more

10 Reasons to Become a Computer Science Major

January 9, 2012

1. Practice on your own To get started, all you need is a computer with internet access, which you likely already have if you’re a college student. You don’t need to work with anybody or practice on anybody. You can start projects and build up valuable experience on your own time. 2. Logical thinking Computer science is all about thinking logically. Enough practice in the field can move you to make more rational decisions in day-to-day life. ... Read more

The danger of multitasking

January 5, 2012

I have a lot of stuff to do. I’m taking a full load of classes, working a couple jobs, serving on a few exec boards, and I have obligations to my friends. People are always contacting me via email, Facebook, and text message giving me new tasks every day. So it makes sense to always stay connected and tackle multiple tasks at once, right? Wrong! I went along with this mindset for most of last year. ... Read more